2009 Okinawa Traditional Karatedo World Tournament.
(commemoration of the establishment of the Okinawa Dento Karatedo Shinkokai).

sekai2009 Date: August 14-16, 2009.
* Participating countries: 34 (including Japan).
* Number of participants: 646 (overseas: 431, outside Okinawa: 107, Okinawa: 108).


Aug 14 (Fri) Opening ceremony.
Aug 15 (Sat) Okinawa Karatedo & Kobudo tournament.
Aug 16 (Sun) Intangible cultural property holder seminar, seminars held by each school/group, exchange party.

2003 Okinawa Karatedo & Kobudo World Tournament.

sekai2003 Date: August 16-19, 2003.
* Participating countries: 31 (including Japan).
* Number of participants: 380 (overseas: 212, outside Okinawa: 42, Okinawa: 126).


Aug 16 (Sat) Hono-enbukai, opening ceremony, enbukai.
Aug 17 (Sun) Tournament (qualification round & final).
Aug 18 (Mon) Seminars.
Aug 19 (Tue) Seminars held by each school/group, exchange party.

Okinawa Karatedo & Kobudo World Tournament (commemoration of the completion of the Okinawa Prefectural Budokan).

sekai1997 Date: August 21-25, 1997.
* Participating countries: 52 (including Japan).
* Participating countries: 52 (including Japan).
* Number of participants: 810 (overseas: 755, Okinawa: 55).


Aug 21 (Thu) Karate & Kobudo seminar, Karate & Kobudo exhibition (until Aug 24).
Aug 22 (Fri) Opening ceremony, international exchange enbukai, Okinawan products exhibition (until Aug 24).
Aug 23 (Sat) Opening ceremony, tournament (qualification round).
Aug 24 (Sun) Tournament (semifinal & final), closing ceremony, farewell party.
Aug 25 (Mon) Optional seminars (desired school/group).

Okinawa Karatedo & Kobudo World Pre-Tournament (50th Anniversary of the End of the Pacific War and the Battle of Okinawa).

sekai1996 Date: August 24-28, 1995.
* Participating countries: (including Japan).
* Number of participants: 300 (overseas: 250, Okinawa: 50).


Aug 24 (Thu) Peace memorial hono-enbukai.
Aug 25 (Fri) Opening ceremony, international exchange enbukai, welcome reception, Okinawan products exhibition (until Aug 27).
Aug 26 (Sat) Opening ceremony, tournament (qualification round).
Aug 27 (Sun) Tournament (semifinal & final), closing ceremony.
Aug 28 (Mon) Karate and Kobudo Seminars, Karate monuments inspection tour.



Okinawa Karate International Tournament Executive Committee
(Okinawa Prefecture Culture and Tourism Sports Division, Karate Promotion Division Karate Promotion Team)
Okinawa Prefectural Government 1-2-2 Izumizaki, Naha, Okinawa, 900-8570
TEL:098-866-2232 FAX:098-866-2208