Competition Registration


・The 2nd Okinawa Karate World Junior Tournament requires advance registration in order to ensure smooth registration on the day of the tournament.
・Please check the “Competition Guidelines,” “Rules and Regulations,” and “Judge and Referee Regulations” on the tournament website ( before applying.

Participation Categories, Registration Deadlines, and Admission Fee

Participation Categories Registration Deadlines Admission Fee
Participants from Okinawa Thursday, November 30, 2023,
23:59 (JST)
3,000 yen
Participants from overseas/mainland Japan/remote islands of Okinawa Friday, May 31, 2024,
23:59 (JST)
3,000 yen

Participation Categories(*Excerpts from the competition guidelines)

As a general rule, those who live in Okinawa (including Japanese citizens with foreign nationality and who live on a remote island connected to Okinawa’s main island with a bridge) at the time of application are eligible for participation in the preliminary rounds for Okinawa. Participants in the qualifying rounds for overseas/mainland Japan/remote islands of Okinawa must be residents outside the main island of Okinawa at the time of application. In addition, no multiple applications are allowed for both qualifying rounds.

Registration Deadlines(*Excerpts from the competition guidelines)

Admission Fee(*Excerpts from the competition guidelines)

The admission fee is 3,000 yen (including entrance fee and accident insurance fee).
*The same fee shall be applied for participation in two categories.
(Participants may compete in one of the following categories: “Shuri-te kei/Tomari-te kei”, “Naha-te kei”, “Uechi-ryu kei”, and “Kobudo (Bo)”).

Registration Procedure

Application Procedures for Participation in this System

The application procedure is roughly as follows (1) to (3).
(1) Registration of personal information of the representative of the applicant (parents, guardians, related persons, etc.) and competitors.
(2) Registration of application information (category, division, event, etc.)
(3) Confirm the application information (from “My Page”) and complete payment procedures.
*If you need to change or cancel your application, please click the “Change” or “Cancel” button on the “My Page”.
*If you have any other questions, please contact us at the following address.
How to apply [PDF]

How to Apply

Please fill in the required information on the entry form below to apply.

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Okinawa Karate World Tournament Executive Committee Secretariat
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